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The Quilvius project is the first and only project that is not aimed at making money and is focused solely on cultural services. The slogan of The First Winning Culture Project of the Metaverse Universe already shows that the goal of this project is not to make money, but to make people money.



Quilvius will make it possible for every individual involved in the community to profit from creativity, knowledge acquiring, sharing, engaging, story-telling- writing and so much more. It will also make it possible for authors to sell as many books, articles or writing as they presently do while still maintaining a passive income over time. The author will continue to make a profit so long as there are individuals purchasing, reading, or talking about the book on the Quilvius Dais (Dais means platform).

The goal is to assist readers in reading a book at a fraction of the cost without requiring them to look for pirated publications, or have to give up on education. With our platform we are also going to assist investors in achieving financial success while also making positive contributions to society by eradicating the elitism behind knowledge and culture. Quilvius is on a journey to empower the world and offer knowledge to all, globally.

The present situation in the culture and knowledge industry as well as the book and publishing industries is restrictive, elitist and expensive. Take, for instance, Hollywood and the movie industry. If you sign up to any movie subscription channel - Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, you name it – and spend twenty dollars per month, you can see gain access to thousands of movies old and new.

Now think about the music industry. By subscribing to platforms like Spotify or Apple Music for ten dollars a month, you have control over the music you listen to and have millions of artists, songs, podcasts and playlists at your disposal.Now think - how many books can you buy with twenty or even ten dollars? Not many, right? Additionally, because it is so easy to obtain counterfeit copies of books, legitimate publishers are missing out on the great majority of their potential earnings. To what extent, then, does the mindset of customers contribute to the problem of pirated books, or does the problem stem from the traditional publishing model itself?


How is Quilvius Work?

Benefits of Quilvius

Millions of unlimited sources of books and content for those who love to read
Unlimited usage with economical subscription cost.
Reach millions of audiences for writers and content creators.
Opportunities for authors to promote their own books
Publishers will have the opportunity to meet many new and successful authors in this project.
Culture investors will have instant access to the resources they want on this platform.
Fast and secure data flow
Ease of trading on Binance Smart Chain secure infrastructure
Comfort of use freely in Metaverse universes

Target of Quilvius Project

From least expensive to most affordable

Customers may watch hundreds of shows or movies for a small subscription of just $20 or less, making it an affordable option for everyone, from individuals to couples and families. However, with that same amount of money, you can only purchase about two new books from a bookstore. How many times does or can a person read the same two novels in a row? How many members of a family have read both of these books? The waste that exists throughout the publishing sector is visible from this any point.