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Quilvius Token - $QVIU Advantages Provided to Users

Advantages for Readers This audience is the one that derives the greatest overall benefit from the project; the more popular Quilvius Token grows, the more readers will have the opportunity to rent books and other publications at costs that continue to be stable and affordable. The secret lays in the increased competition among lessors. If more people read an author's work, the author will get more money as a result of the increased sales of their books. Authors are paid a commission based on how many copies of their works are sold.

Advantages for Authors Authors are at the forefront of Quilvius Token (QVIU). In order for this approach to be fair, it is necessary for the author to have the capacity to raise the worth of their work. Only then can they focus on the community and project. Every author essentially becomes their own publisher in the Quilvius Token model. When it comes to allowing authors to communicate with users, this can save a significant amount of money and self-promoting publicity. The author does not incur any costs associated with publication; however, it is expected that the community will vote on which books will be distributed. Because it is founded on cryptocurrency, the project will operate in a decentralized manner. No individual, or indeed group of people, are going to be able to stop a book from getting published or negatively influence a publication. The author now functions as our very first reader, and our first audience. This audience (the author) is entitled and eligible for book publication as well as commissions on sales of the books that they publish.

Advantages for Translators If Quilvius is the bomb wreaking havoc on the pirate publication market, the Translator is the terror fueling Quilvius' devastation. Translators make books and authors available to everybody, in just about any language, and in any place. This democratizes the publishing industry. In order for them to publish the translation, they will first need to register on the system with the Authors. Because the community of readers will assist them in evaluating the quality and value of the translation, nobody will ever need to worry about the accuracy of the translation at all. People will be able to tell the difference if the quality of the translation is inadequate. The Translator will make the same profit as the Author, but the value that they obtain is defined by the Author because the Author will always be at heart of the book and the Quilvius process. The Translator will be the one who spreads the love in the publishing content within that heart to every person on the planet - it is thanks to the translators that Quilvius will have a world-wide reach. The Author decided how much of a commission the Translator will get at the beginning of the process. This value can only be determined once the contract has been made between them, which helps to maintain fairness and a clear understanding amongst all parties involved.

Publishers not only manage the sales process of their own books, but also look for new books or contents to be published here. Publishers form the basis of this project.