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First step is to get variables on one side and constants on the other so that we can combine like terms. To do so, subtract 5x from both sides and subtract 6 from both sides. This gives you:

8x - 5x = 9 - 6

Now combine like terms:

3x = 3

Divide by 3 to isolate the variable x.

x = 1

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A square has a perimeter of 20 in what is the length of each side
Solution 1
It is a 4 by 5 because 4 times 5 eguels 20
Ariel got a 80% on her history test. if the test has 50 questions how many did she get correct
Solution 1
Ariel got 40 out of 50 questions correct.
Write out the first four terms of the maclaurin series of f(x) if f(0)=−13,f′(0)=−6,f″(0)=5,f‴(0)=6 f(x) = +⋯
Solution 1

 -13 - 6x +  \frac{5}{2}  {x}^{2}  +  {x}^{3}
What are the zeros of the polynomial function f(x)=x^2+5x+6
Solution 1
Find 2 numbers that multiply to 6 and add to 5.

3*2 = 6
3+2 = 5

x^2 + 5x+6 = (x+3)(x+2) = 0

Set each factor equal to zero.
x+3 = 0   ---->  x = -3
x+2 = 0 ----->  x = -2

There are two zeros at -2 and -3.
If stamps are $0.30 how many stamps can Janice buy with $7.20
Solution 1
Divide the total amount of money Janice has by the cost of the stamps.

$7.20 / $0.30 = 24

Janice can buy 24 stamps.
Paige rides her bike around town. She can ride one half of a mile in 1 30 ith of an hour. If she continues to ride at the same pace, how many miles could she travel in 1 hour?
Solution 1

We have been given that Paige can ride one half of a mile in 1/30 th of an hour. And we have to found the distance traveled in 1 hour if she continues to ride at the same pace.

Let d be the distance traveled in 1 hour.

In 1/30 th of an hour distance traveled is 0.5 mile

Hence, in 1 hour the distance traveled is given by

d=\frac{0.3}{1/30} \\
d=0.5\times 30\\

Therefore, she will travel 15 miles.

Solution 2
She could travel 15 miles in an hour
Miles had a piece of paper 1/4 of a large circle cut in three equal parts from the center point of the circle. What angle is the measure of each part?
Solution 1
The angle of 1/4 of a circle is given by:
 (1/4) * (360) = 90 degrees
 We now look for the angle that results from dividing 1/4 of a circle into three equal parts.
 We have then:
 (1/3) * (90) = 30 degrees.
the measure of each part is:
30 degrees
Solution 2

The measure of the each part of the large circle is 90 degrees.

What is the measue of each part?

A circle is a bounded figure which points from its center to its circumference is equidistant. The sum of angles in a circle is 360 degrees.

Measure of the angle of each part = 1/4 x 360 = 90 degrees

To learn more about a circle, please check: brainly.com/question/14351152

In a class of 147 students, 95 are taking math(m), 75 are taking science (s), 52 are taking both math and science. What is the probability of randomly choosing a student who is taking neither math nor science? Round your answer to the nearest tenth
Solution 1
Subtract 52 from m, s, and the total amount of students.. 52 is the amount of students that would take both math and science. m now equals 43, s now equals 23, and the total students remaining is 95.

Since the criteria wants you to exclude students that take math or science, add m and s together. 

43 + 23 = 66

This is the total amount of students that take math or science.

To find the probability of picking a student that doesn't take math or science, subtract 66 from the total amount of students. 

95 - 66 = 29

Take this amount and divide by the total amount of students again.

 \frac{29}{95} = 0.3052

Convert the decimal into a percentage.

0.3052 = 30.52 %

There is a 30.52% chance of picking a student that doesn't take math nor science.
Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

good luck babes <3

At a college, 4/5 of the students take an English class. Of these students, 5/6 Composition. Which fraction of the students at the college take Composition?
Solution 1
If I’m doing it correctly it’s 2/3 but I haven’t done it in a while
Which situation is represented by the following equation?45w+123.95=753.95
Solution 1
subtract 123.95 from both sides
simplifying gives us:
multiply both sides by 1/45
simplifying we get