A cube measures 3 inches on all of its sides. What the volume of the cubes

A cube measures 3 inches on all of its sides. What the volume of the cubes in inches

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Solution 1

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Answer: 27 Inches

To find the volume, we need to multiply 3 by itself 3 times.
3*3*3 = 27.

Answer = 27 inches


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37.89 x .9  = 34.10
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Solution 1
5/8, 2/6, 8/11, 2/5
Convert them into decimals.

5/8 ⇒ 0.625
2/6 ⇒ 0.333
8/11 ⇒ 0.727
2/5 ⇒ 0.4

The lowest amount is 0.333, or 2/6.

Lilly ate 2/6 of a pizza.
Lilly ate the least amount of pizza.
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The product will be less than the factors.
This is because you are multiplying two fractions which will make your answer a fraction of a fraction.
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4 if it is the regular amout is 1

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Andy is 32, and Brett is 12. You gotta set up an equation.
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For this case we have the following division:
 Weight each bag = Total weight / number of bags
 Substituting values we have:
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 Weight each bag = 1.933333333 pounds
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1.933333333 pounds
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False, it's irrational.
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Solution 1
Your equation will be y = 3.

The y-intercept is three and there is no slope.

Hope this helps!
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The opposite addictive inverse of 43 is -43.

The opposite of a number is simply found by dividing by 1. If it were a negative number, it would become positive, and vice versa.

I hope this helps!