a rectangular porch has dimentions of (x+12) and (x+5) feet. If thr aria

a rectangular porch has dimentions of (x+12) and (x+5) feet. If thr aria of the porch floor is 120 square feet, what is its length and width?

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Solution 1

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We have (x+12)·(x+5) = 120; where x > 0;
Then, x^2 + 17x + 60 = 120;
x^2 + 17x - 60 = 0;
The solutions are x1 = +3 and x2 = -20;
Then, x = 3 is the correct solution.
Finally, x + 12 = 15 feet (length) and x + 5 = 8 feet (width).

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Y=2x-1 3y=6x-5 Please help
Solution 1
I gotchu this time buddy so substitute 2x-1 for the second equation: 3(2x-1)=6x-5
Distribute 3x :6x-3=6x-5
Subtract 6x from both sides
-3=-5 which is not true so the answer is no solution
The graph of linear equation A passes thru the points (-7,4) and (3,-10), while the graph of linear equation B passes thru the points (-7,4) and (5,11). which of these is a solution to the system of equations consisting of linear equation A and B a. (-7,4) b. (3,-10) c. (5,11) d. (7,4) show work and i need really bad
Solution 1

We want to find the solution for the system of linear equations such that we know some points of the lines. We will see that the correct option is A: (-7, 4).

Systems of linear equations.

When we have a system of equations the solutions are the points where the graphs of the equations intercept.

Here we know that we have two lines:

  • Line A passes through (-7, 4) and (3, - 10)
  • Line B passes through (-7, 4) and (5, 11).

So we already can see that both lines pass through the point (7, -4), meaning that the lines do intercept at that point, so the solution of the system is that point (we know that we don't have more solutions because lines intercept only once).

So the correct option is A: (-7, 4)

If you want to learn more about systems of equations, you can read:


Solution 2
Is it A since it passes thru both equations
Student Stars Mazie 7 Chris 4 Jenni -3 Scott 0 Michael 2 Zoe 4 Liza -5 Thomas -1 Benjamin 6 Josie 1 Chase 8 David -4 Students in Mr. Miller's class gain and lose stars for behavior during the day. At the end of the week, any students with a negative star value must stay for detention. According to the chart who must serve detention?
Solution 1
The students with negative star values are Jenni, Liza, Thomas, and David. Therefore, these four students must serve detention.
A cup has 4 pencils, 3 black pens, 1 blue pen, and 5 red pens. What is the probability of selecting a black or blue pen?
Solution 1
The probability of selecting a black or blue pen is 4 out of 13. You calculate this by adding the amount of pens together and comparing it to the total amount of pens and pencils in the cup.
Solution 2
4 out of 13 because in total there are 13 supplies in all and if you add 3 black pens PLUS 1 blue pen that will be 4.
Solve the system of equations for 7x+2y=16 and -21x-6y=24
Solution 1
7x + 2y = 16

7x + 2y = 16

Solving for variable 'x'.

Move all terms containing x to the left, all other terms to the right.

Add '-2y' to each side of the equation.
7x + 2y + -2y = 16 + -2y

Combine like terms: 2y + -2y = 0
7x + 0 = 16 + -2y
7x = 16 + -2y

Divide each side by '7'.
x = 2.285714286 + -0.2857142857y

x = 2.285714286 + -0.2857142857y
Luther won 12 of the last 20 video games he played. Suppose Luther plays a total of 60 games with his friends over the next month. Predict how many of these games Luther will win.
Solution 1
36 games. 20x3 is 60 and 12x3 is 36
Eli takes a typing test and types all of 300 words in 1/10 hour. He takes the test a second time and types the words in 1/12 hour. Was he faster or slower on the second attempt?
Solution 1
Slower on the second attempt because 1/12 =0.083
While 1/10 = .1
Spining a spinner that has 5 equal section marked 1 through 5 and landing on an evean number
Solution 1
Judging on how the only even numbers between 1 and 5 are 2 and 4. You would use a calculator and do 2÷5 and it will come out as .40 meaning 40%! So there is a 40% chance of landing on a even number! Hope I helped!
The area of a circle can be tripled by multiplying the radius by what factor?
Solution 1
A whole circle =  to 360 so you have to think of the radius to a factor for multiplying
Solution 2
By 1.73.

 Because the formula for the area of a circle is  \pi ×r².

So let us say the radius for circle A is 1. so area is equal to.  \pi ×2²
which is equal to 12.56

Now you need to triple the area, so if i am in the right path you would multiply area of circle A 3 times leaving you with 37.699

Now, we make use of the equation solving skills.

The way to find the radius is.

A=  \pi  ×r²


√(A÷ \pi  )

So puting and solving the equations the factor of multiplication gives us 1.73 

A rectangle has a length of (3.2a + 0.18b)centimeters.The width is half the length. Sasha writes the expression (12.8a + 0.72b) to represent the perimeter of the rectangle in centimeters. Is Sasha’s reasoning correct? Explain.
Solution 1
The width is half the length, so is
  width = (1/2)*length
  width = (1/2)*(3.2a + 0.18b) cm
  width = (1.6a +0.09b) cm

The perimeter of the rectangle is twice the sum of length and width.
  perimeter = 2*(length + width)
  perimeter = 2*((3.2a +0.18b) cm + (1.6a +0.09b) cm)
  perimeter = 2*(4.8a +0.27b) cm)
  perimeter = (9.6a +0.54b) cm

Sasha did not get this answer, so apparently ...
  her reasoning was not correct.