Eva spent $48 on a shirt and a pair of pants. The pant cost twice as much

Eva spent $48 on a shirt and a pair of pants. The pant cost twice as much as the shirt. How much did each item cost?

2 months ago

Solution 1

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2 months ago
Divide 48 by 3 to get the price of the shirt, the take what’s left and that is the pants. $16 shirt, $32 pants

Solution 2

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2 months ago
The shirt cost $16 and the pants cost $32.

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Briana wants to go to the movies. The price for a student ticket is 2.75 less than the price for the adult’s ticket. If you represent the price of the student ticket using the variable “x”, how would you write the algebraic expression for the adult’s ticket price?
Solution 1
Student ticket =x
Adult ticket= x+2.75
What is
Solution 1
The first step for solving this expression is to reduce the fraction with 2.
3 ×  \frac{1}{4}
Now multiply 3 by the numerator (top of the fraction) to find your final answer.
This means that the correct answer to your question is going to be  \frac{3}{4} ,, or 0.75 in decimal form.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Solution 2

3* \frac{2}{8}             
3* \frac{1}{4} =  \frac{3}{4}     simplified

Hope I helped!
3(x - 9) = -39 solve and check solution
Solution 1
The answer is x= -4

3(x-9)= -39
divide both sides by 3 
x-9= -13
add 9 to both sides
x= -4

3(-4-9)= -39
-12-27= -39
Solution 2

    +27  +27
/3   /3

A crane is rented at $1000 per day plus a charge per hour of use. The crane was used for 7 hours on a day, and the total charge was $3450. Which equation can be used to find the charge x, in dollars, per hour of use?
Solution 1
The equation can be (3450-1000)÷7=350.
A plumber charges $100 to come to a house and $95 dollars per hour that he is there. If the total cost of the plumber’s visit to a house was $385, how many hours was the plumber working at the house?
Solution 1
3 hours.

First, you have to subtract 100 from 385 to find the total cost of hours at the house. Then, since he charges $95 every hour, you have to divide 385/95 and you get 3 as your answer. Hope this helped :) .
What is the square root of 15241578750190521
Solution 1
If you multiply the number 123456789 to itself you will get 15241578750190521

So, the answer to the question is 123456789
What is the sum of the polynomials (-x^2+9)+(-3x^2-11x+4). • -4x^2-2x+4 • -4x^2-11x+13 • 2x^2+20x+4 • 2x^2+11x+5
Solution 1
I think the answer is -4x^-11x+13
Solution 2
The first step for solving this expression is to remove the first set of parenthesis.
-x² + 9 + (-3x² - 11x + 4)
Now,, remember that when there is a "+"sign in front of the parenthesis,, then the parenthesis in the expression remains the same. This means that all you need to do for the second side of the expression is remove the parenthesis.
-x² + 9 + -3x² - 11x + 4
Collect the like terms that have an exponent of two.
² + 9 - 11x + 4
Add the regular numbers together.
-4x² + 13 - 11x
Lastly,, use the commutative property to reorder the terms and get your final answer.
-4x² - 11x + 13
Since we cannot simplify this expression down any further,, our final answer is going to be -4x² - 11x + 13 or option B.
Let me know if you have any further questions.
Which associations best describe the data in the table?  Variable m 9   6   5  1  3   4  2  8   7  Variable n 33 24 18 3 10 14 7 32 26 Choose exactly two answers that are correct. A. linear association B. negative association C. nonlinear association D. positive association
Solution 1
In order to find out the association, you need to plot the data. Given that m is x, and n is y, after plotting, the graph shows a positive linear association. The graph rises from left to right. So the answer is letter D.
the expression 5n+2 can be used to find total cost in dollars of bowling where n is the number of games bowled 2 represents the cost of shoe rental. How much will it cost vincent to bowl 3 games?
Solution 1
So justsubsitue 3 for n
answer is 17
Solution 2
So you sub n=3 into the equation and get 5(3)+2 as the result, so then you work it out and end up with $17.
For Vincent to bowl three games, including shoe hire, it will cost him $17.
(the last sentence will make it sound like you really know what youre talking about)
Suppose a triangle has sides 3, 4, and 5. Which of the following must be true? A. The triangle in question is a right triangle. B. The triangle in question is not a right triangle. C. The triangle in question may or may not be a right triangle.
Solution 1
Answer : the triangle in question is a right triangle.



The pythagorean theorem is,

 {a}^{2} + {b}^{2} = {c}^{2}

Plug in the numbers,

 {3}^{2} + {4}^{2} = {5}^{2}

This is true


I hope that helps you out!!

Any more questions, please feel free to ask me and I will gladly help you out!!

Solution 2
A. The triangle in question is a right triangle. 
For this triangle you can apply Pythagorean theorem.