one of the congruent angles of an isosceles triangle measures 40 degrees.

one of the congruent angles of an isosceles triangle measures 40 degrees. what measures do the other angles have?

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Solution 1

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Isosolese triangle has 2 equal angles
3 interior angles of a triangle add upt o 180 so
since 1 of the 2 identical angles are 40 then
subtract 80
the ohter angle is 100

the answer is

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They will have played a total number of 61 games.

85*3/5 is 51 and then 51+10=61.
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Answer: 12


Step 1:
Turn 3 into a fraction.

Step 2:
Multiply across
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Nah it’s actually a their wrong

Step-by-step explanation:

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Your answer will be C because you just divide by 2
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The first step for solving this expression is to reduce the fraction with 2.
3 ×  \frac{1}{4}
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Let me know if you have any further questions.
Solution 2

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3* \frac{1}{4} =  \frac{3}{4}     simplified

Hope I helped!
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The answer is x= -4

3(x-9)= -39
divide both sides by 3 
x-9= -13
add 9 to both sides
x= -4

3(-4-9)= -39
-12-27= -39
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    +27  +27
/3   /3

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