What plus what plus what equal 823

What plus what plus what equal 823

2 months ago

Solution 1

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2 months ago
The answer would be 821+1+1. So as a result that would give you 823.

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Solution 2

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2 months ago
711+112=823. You can pick any number an just subtract it by 823

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Find the percent of decrease from 280 to 210. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent, if necessary. a 0.3% b 25% C 33.3% D 133.3%
Solution 1
I got the answer c and if I am correct then it is repeating also
Solution 2
280n = 210
Isolate n:
n = 0.75
1.0 - 0.75
25% decrease, option b
Fruit is being handed out at a picnic. The basket contains 5 bananas, 3 oranges and 2 apples. If two pieces of fruit are handed out one after the other, which combination would have a probability of 2/9
Solution 1
Because there are 9 fruits, it should be n/9, depending on the fruit.
Apples are 2/9, so:
The combination for apples would have a probability of 2/9
Identify the expression that does not belong and explain your reasoning: 5.25 • 10^7 (2.1 • 10^2)(2.5 • 10^5) 52.5 • 10^8 (2.1)(2.5) • 10^2+5
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D does not belong  because the first 3 digits of the product of the first 3 equations is 525 and for D it is not.
Ken's cafe serves hot cocoa.each serving has 9 grams of chocolate.how many grams of chocolate are in 8 servings of hot cocoa?
Solution 1
Multiply 9 * 8

answer = 72 grams
Andrew ran 4 laps on Sunday and 2.2 laps on Saturday. If each lap is 1.5 miles, how far did Andrew run last weekend?
Solution 1
4 x 1.5 + 2.2 x 1.5 = 12.3
Whats the answer for this problem 8x+y=-16 -3x+y=-5
Solution 1
 {x,y} = {-7/4,-2} 

System of Linear Equations entered :
 [1] 8x+y=-16
 [2] -3+y=-5

Equations Simplified or Rearranged : 
  [1] 8x + y = -16
  [2] y = -2


Explain why a line of best fit is helpful when analyzing data
Solution 1
It helps identify the steps
Mr. Grayson owns a wood company that sells trees, wood materials, and specialty items created from wood. (Score for Question 1: ___ of 4 points) 1. One of Mr. Grayson’s customers, Zenani, is creating an art wall on which she will display some art in triangular frames. She wants three frames, each in the shape of a right triangle. (a) For the first frame, Zenani already has two wooden pieces that are 13 in. and 16 in. long. Zenani says that since she wants the frame to be a right triangle, there’s only one possible measurement for the last piece of wood. Is Zenani right? If so, what is that last measurement? If not, explain why not and give all possible measurements for the last wood piece. Round to the nearest tenth. (b) For the second frame, Zenani asks Mr. Grayson to double the measurements of the first triangular frame to make a new frame in the shape of a right triangle. Will Zenani’s strategy work for the second frame? Explain why or why not. (c) For the third frame, Zenani asks Mr. Grayson to add the same measurement to each of the sides of the original triangle frame to make a new frame in the shape of a right triangle. Will Zenani’s strategy work for the third frame? Explain why or why not. Answer:   ( Score for Question 2: ___ of 4 points) 2. Mr. Grayson gets a request from a customer to buy a palm tree of a specific height. Mr. Grayson’s tree nursery is very large and is organized by a coordinate plane map system. He finds a palm tree that he thinks might meet the customer’s specifications. The tree is located at coordinates . He calls his assistant to come over to help him determine the height of the tree. He asks his assistant where she’s located. His assistant says she is located at . Each unit on the coordinate grid represents 1 ft. How far is Mr. Grayson’s assistant from the tree? Round to the nearest tenth. Show your work. Answer:   (Score for Question 3: ___ of 3 points) 3. Mr. Grayson orders a box that has a volume of . The box is in the shape of a cube. What is the longest stick that can fit in the box? Round your answers to the nearest whole number. Answer:   Please answer All of the questions to get the points
Solution 1
Question 1:
A) No; 9.3 or 20.6.
B) Yes, because the triangles are similar.
C) No, because the triangles will not necessarily be similar.

There is not enough information to answer Questions 2 or 3.

Explanation for Question 1:
A) We are not told which side is the longest, so these two sides could be placed anywhere in the Pythagorean theorem.  They could either be both legs, or one could be the hypotenuse:

Hypotenuse: 13² + b² = 16²
                     169 + b² = 256
                     169 + b² - 169 = 256 - 169
                      b² = 87
                      b = √87 = 9.3

Both legs:   13² + 16² = c²
                   169 + 256 = c²
                   425 = c²
                   √425 = c
                   20.6 = c

B) The two triangles will be similar, since each pair of corresponding sides will have the same ratio (2, since it is doubled).  Similar triangles have the same angle measures, so this must also be a right triangle.

C) Simply adding a value to each side will not preserve similarity.  For example, if we had a triangle with sides 3, 4, and 5, adding 2 to each side would give us 5, 6 and 11.  These do not have the same ratios; 3/5 is not the same as 4/6 or 5/11.
How many tons are equal to 40000 pounds
Solution 1
20 us tons ................
Jason is covering an ottoman with fabric. The ottoman is in the shape of a rectangular prism that is 37 cm long, 21 wide, and 30 cm high. How much fabric is needed to cover the sides and top of the ottoman? Explain your strategy.
Solution 1
We know that
we need to calculate the surface area including only one base

surface area=area of the base+perimeter of the base*height

area of the base=37*21----> 777 cm

perimeter of the base=2*[37+21]----> 116 cm

height of the prism=30 cm
surface area=777+116*30-----> 4257 cm²

the answer is
4257 cm²